The Enviroment

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Climate changes is a major issue, with this in mind, in December 2006 the Code for Sustainable Homes was launched, an initiative aimed at ensuring all new buildings attain a good standard of energy efficiency.

Code level 1 is the lowest level, only achieving 10% energy efficiency, whilst level 6 is the highest, achieving zero carbon emmissions.

Your new home will be given its own energy efficiency rating to show the level acquired.  Several factors will be taken into consideration, for example the materials used in the build, use of solar panels and other “green” products, how waste is dealt with, pollution and ecology are just some of the topics that need to be considered.

Cartrefi Dyfed Homes Ltd has just completed our first Code Level 6 home, and we will continue to build to this high level, wherever possible, whilst still keeping our prices as low as possible.  We have successfully installed Air Source, Ground source, wood pellet and log boiler heating systems, along with solar panels.